How Can We Help Your Business?

Since 2013 Frl Websites has offered our customers a range of affordable internet services from web design to online marketing.
Whatever stage you’re at with your business, we will endeavour to help your company grow online.

Website Development & Design

We build the majority of our websites in WordPress, a simple yet powerful platform that is easy to use. WordPress powers 39% of all the websites on the Internet.

With a WordPress website you can do just about anything you want to achieve with a website or webshop. It’s easily customizable and flexible. There is so much more you can create with a WP platform and many of the plugins available are free which means we can keep our prices lower than most web designers.

Modern design



Optimized for speed


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Here are a few of our recent projects.

FRL is proud to be an affliate for Divi and Elegant Themes!

We love Divi so much that since March 2020 all WordPress websites we create are made exclusively with this amazing theme.

Click on the banner and discover why you should choose Divi Theme for your next website.


*We receive an affiliate commission for any purchases made after using this link.
Divi WordPress Theme


Websites of large and established companies take a lot of time and money to create and run. Many people just starting out do not have the same resources or support to be able to get a custom build webshop that is why we work with Opencart.
This is not a heavy-duty script that gives a lot of delay on a server, the advantage is that it can be placed on most shared hosting. It also has everything you can expect from an online store.

Webshops in WordPress (WooCommerce) are of course also available but we do not recommend using WooCommerce if you have multiple products.

Maintenance and Support

A website that is up to date is always better judged by the search engines, it also helps against hackers and other unpleasant surprises such as a virus file. But the most important thing is how your website works, with the right software your website will continue to function properly.

With our maintenance package we provide ongoing updates, critical maintenance, and regular backups.

Other Services

Social media

We can help you develop a content strategy to create brand awareness and drive social media users to your website.

Website Repair

If you have a hacked WordPress site or have forgotten to update your software, we will help you to restore it.


We offer reliable and secure hosting for all our websites.
Visit our hosting company, FRL Hosting for more information about our hosting plans.